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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 27, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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go to this website endless pictures of cabins in the woods around the world. it's a great site. >> we will see you back here on monday. have a great weekend. special report is next. a lone suspect arrested so far in the benghazi terror attacks is expected in the u.s. shortly. what happens then? this is special report. good evening i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. 21 months after the benghazi terror attack that left four americans dead just one suspect is in custody. that man is about to arrive in the u.s. setting in motion a still unclear path toward justice. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herrage has the latest. >> reporter: a senior u.s.
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official says the benghazi suspect will be moved to u.s. soil this weekend though the justice department offered no guidance on the timing accept to emphasize the situation is fluid and attorney general eric holder will make the call. while he is being transported by the defense department, a pentagon spokesman punts timing questions to other questions. >> he's in the custody of law enforcement personnel and all the proceedings regarding him are being handled by the justice department. >> since his capture on june 15th, he has been held on the uss new york where he has been questioned by fbi, cia and defense intelligence agency personnel. while he is described as the muscle on the ground during the 2012 attack and not the master planner, the pentagon insisted he is important. >> we believe and gathered the evidence to support the notion that he was a key figure in the benghazi attacks.
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>> reporter: while a u.s. official says he has given his interrogator a history lesson about alshria, a former fbi agent who has worked high profile cases like benghazi says his former colleagues has limited options because he was free on the street for nearly three years. >> you're more than wiekly see the investigators tlot willing back, being more patient in their interview and interrogation techniques. >> reporter: while this criminal complaint is a place holder for a more comprehensive indictment, it is noteworthy, it is definitely minimizing terrorism. i find that very interesting because of the politics of what's going on. >> reporter: while the federal courts in the southern district of new york and eastern district of virginia have handled the line yon share of noeft9/11 cas >> department of justice run
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these kinds of cases so to be able to work across the street and see the u.s. attorney as opposed to flying in manhattan is a lot easier. >> reporter: details of the case are on a very close hold. especially the security posture because they are going to need to move him back and forth between a detention facility and this courthouse. >> reporting from outside the federal district court house in washington. thanks for that. >> he is not the only suspect who has been on the radar these past two years. senior correspondent adam how'sly tells us who some of others are and why they are still at large. >> reporter: according to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the benghazi attack and subsequent hunt for those involved, the united states has a target list that initially contained about ten suspected identified within days and grew to more than 20. it is broken down into four groups that include members of al qaeda, libyan militants with the top target being a man described as the amir of
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alsleeria. he was a prisoner at guantanamo bay for more than five years and was classified as a probable member of al qaeda. he was eventually released. sources say intelligence shows his involvement in the attacks has been ignored he along with other more prominent suspects have been allowed to remain free. the same sources also question why more of the investigation hasn't centered on the libyan landlord of the american facilities in benghazi. some of insist that he knows a lot more than he is letting on and quote, is a key connection to everyone else that night. intelligence officials also akey with special operators in the region insisting there are bigger targets than recently a70ed suspect. at the pentagon, john kirby countered saying the arrest shouldn't be taken lightly.
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>> let's not lose sight of the big picture here. he's not sipping mango jus in benghazi. is he on his way to court. that's what's important. >> when contacted by fox news he asserted his innocence and he's they owe him money the night of the benghazi attack. >> thank you, adam. the u.s. is putting some eyes in the sky above baghdad to help protect its embassy in an iraqi capitol squarely in the sights of islamist militants meanwhile obama is reversing cores and arming some of the syrians opposing the country's leader. national security respondent has that story. >> reporter: president obama signals he now intends to ramp up the training of moderate opposition after resisting callings to do so for three years since the civil war began. >> in saudi arabia today secretary of state john kerry met with the head of the syrian
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opposition, a day after the white house asked congress for more money. quote, in particular, we're seeking $500 million for a proposed authority to train and equip appropriately vetted elements of the modder raet syrian armed opposition. the request was larger than expected. pentagon officials indicated the training would not begin until the next year it would last six to eight months if congress approves the program. >> $500 million now is too little, too late. i would characterize it as trying to put oil in your car engine. >> until now the cia ran a covert program in jordan. the president addressed the growing crisis in syria and iraq during a town hall meeting. i want to be clear we're not sending combat troops into iraq. he has not yet authorized the use of force but on friday the u.s. began frying arms surveillance drones over baghdad. the reason they are armed is primarily for force protection
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reasons now that we are introduced into the country some military advisors whose objective will be to operate outside the confines of the embassy. >> reporter: iraq's defense ministry issued this video friday which it shows iraqi military vehicles driving along the map road between baghdad after it claimed to have cleared it of isis frighters in the meantime in lebanon today isis claimed responsibility for a bombing next to the saudi embassy. an indication that the sunni plan to take the fight to lebanon. >> we do not want to see it organized in eastern syria, western iraq where isis has a complete safe haven. it's easy to embrace the isolationist argument but in today's interconnected world, it's just not possible. >> meantime the top shiite in iraq has called them to swiftly
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unite between the next prime minister before parliament meet on tuesday an indication that maliki's time may be up. >> more on all of this with a panel. thank you. >> please join me later tonight for a special look at the crisis in iraq. we will examine what is happening now and how we got there in the first place. one of my guests, former vice president dick cheney. >> how do you feel about bringing iran into the discussion about iraq. >> bad idea. the iranians are in many resp t respects the common enemy for a lot of our friends out there. the idea that we're going to welcome in to solving the problem in iraq is like bringing the russians in to solve the problem in ukraine. >> it premiers tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern and you can also see it saturday and sunday nights. >> up nixt, presideext presiden
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he's is not going to stop going around congress despite yesterday's supreme court ruling. first, here is some of our fox affiliates are calling tonight. wdrb liouis vil with the murder of a well known defense attorney in kentucky. police say he was shot multiple times this morning outside of his office. a man who reportedly threatened the attorney in the past has been arrested. fox 23 in atlantic city with another casino going under. the mardi gras themed can as even oe will be the second to close this year. also closing the company's house of blues concert venue. this is a live look of miami. a big story there tonight. the death of a construction worker who became trapped in a ditch 25 feet deep when rescue crews ariffed, it took them two hoirs hours to recover the body. that's the look from outside the belt way on special report. we'll be right back. n.
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for a man who is just rebuked by the nations a highest court. president obama seemed in fighting spirits today during a campaign style trip to minnesota. white house correspondent wendal goaler tells us because the president has faced this kind of thing before. >> reporter: a day after the supreme court confirmed congress's ability to block recess appointments, president obama told republican lawmakers he will keep trying to go around them unless they work with him. >> they don't do anything accept block me. and call me names. it can't be that much fun. >> mr. obama has called house speaker john boe accusing him of abusing executive authority a stunt but boehner is not laughing. his spoks man said in a written statement quote, the american
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people, their elected representatives and the supreme court have all expressed serious concerns about the president's failure to follow the constitution. thursday's supreme court decision was one of a dozen unanimous rulings in the past year and a half that rolled back administration overreach and brad blake man who worked for george w. bush says suing mr. obama is appropriate. >> what he's telling congress is if you don't like what i'm doing sue me. we do. we sue you on health care, immigration, epa. >> actually on obamacare. the government's power to regulate and the epa's authority to regulate greenhouse gases, they have prevailed. the mlrb's threat make carolina lawmakers unhappy, boeing and working class folks who were
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looking for an opportunity to go back to work are going to lose the opportunities because the decisions of this federal government. >> reporter: meanwhile experts say the president dodged a bullet with the supreme court ruling and feels like it is politically a good idea. >> we cannot afford to wait for congress right now. that's why i'm going ahead and moving ahead without them wherever i can. >> reporter: that next move may be an executive order to reduce deportation, something that's looking more and more likely as congress appears to be less likely to act on comprehensive immigration reform, chris. >> wendal, it's late friday afternoon, time for a white house document dump. i gather this one was about the va scandal. >> reporter: you're right. the president met with the did the deputy chief of staff and the white house released a report saying among others things the veterans health administration needs to be restructured that the leadership is unresponsive and unable to effectively manage or communicate with employees or
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veterans. it says personnel problems are seriously impacting morale and the timeliness of health care. it says the 14 day scheduling is arbitrary and somethings ip appropriate actions like keeping two sets of records for how long it actually takes the patients to see a doctor and it says that scheduling technology is cumbersome and outdated but the report concludes that once a vet gets to see a doctor, the hedge care is pretty good. >> wendal with a couple of reports from the white house tonight. thanks for that. >> some surprising and disappointing news about how americans feel about america. a few research poll finds only 56% of those surveys say they only feel prouds to be from this country. only 28% say america is the greatest nation on earth. 58% believe the u.s. is one of the greatest. 12% say there are other countries better than america. stocks were up on this friday. the dow gained six.
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the s&p 500 finish ahead. four. nasdaq picked up 19. for the week, the dow was off about a half percentage point. the s&p 500 was 10 a 10th of a percent. s in nasdaq gained 2/3rds. >> chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel tells us the digital detectives on capitol hill are pressing the administration for more information on the crashed drives. >> late today, asked the white house and treasury how they learned of lois learn's hard drive crash, who told them and more. >> the committee is also requesting all communications between five other irs employees who had hard drive crashes and the white house, treasury justice, epa, federal election commission, and osha. on capitol hill, calls from congressional republicans for a
3:18 pm
special prosecutor to investigate the irs are getting louder. all of this garbage about oh, they had old equipment, old computers. that's ridiculous. the irs has the best software, the best hardware -- >> he says money should be overed to get to the bottom of the missing e-mails. one million to recover them and a half million dollars for information on who destroyed them. >> we know the e-mails are out there. we know they can be found. we just need the people to help find them and don't forget the other carrot but stick, we reduce everybody's sally in the irs 20% until the e-mails are roe deuced. >> an industry expert says even though the hard drive was destroyed, it asset management said there should be full records. international association of internet technology president says quote if this was done there would be records. if this was not done this is the smoking gun that proves the
3:19 pm
drives or drive was destroyed imperson impersoni improperly. irs commissioner admitted the di disappearance of her e-mails is suspicious but claims there is no crime involved. in minnesota thursday president obama gain referred to phony scandals and says the irs matter is all about politics. it is all geared toward the next election or ginning up a base and it makes people cynical and it makes people turned off from the idea that anything can get done. >> in the past few minutes, the commissioner sent a letter who said the irs should be able to turn over the learner e-mails it has by the end of next week. he says he was hoping to provide a full response today but critical information is still being collected and verified. in addition, the commissioner says the treasury inspector general expects to have an skpetited report on the missing e-mails in a matter of weeks, chris. >> we will stay on top of it.
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mike, thank you. >> a mississippi tea party official charged with conspi conspireing to take photographs of a senator's wife in her nursing home has killed himself. police say the body of mark marfield was found in his garage. still ahead, some amazing video of a fighter pilot landing his plane on a stule. wheel explain. also it turns out rumors of criminal activity by a possible presidential candidate were greatly exaggerated. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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iran's government is
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desperate for a nuclear bomb and is using iraq's prime minister as a puppet. those accusations come tonight from the leader of iraniantryin their government. >> reporter: it is a massive call for regime change in iran. the largest gaerthering of the iranian government. the national counsel of resistance of iran had its annual meeting outside of paris. the group's leader, warned against giving iran the ligrigho enrich iranium. she says she will lead to an iranian bomb and the regime must go. religious dictatorship in iran will not last in the 21st century and will be overthrown. it defies logic to expect this
3:25 pm
dictatorship which is the founder of terrorism and fundamentalism in the whole region and is seeking international weapons to take it hostage. she says she has spread its extremism across the region. >> iran has greatly interfered in every aspect of life in that country so much that maliki is a iranian operative promoting the agenda. >> they have been seen as a terrorist group but is taken off the lists over the last six years. iran is led by enemies of freedom and enemies of america. therefore, we are ought to have the courage of our convictions and stand with the people of iran. >> this is a group that is very
3:26 pm
much in the interest of the united states to support. to create leverage against the ayatollahs. they have called the counsel a terrorist group, a cult and says it has fabricated allegations. she rejects those charges saying the iranian government is afraid of the growing opposition that seeks to topple it. >> reporting from outside paris. eric, thanks for that. >> ukraine's new president has extended the cease-fire with pro-russian separatists. the president also signed an economic and political cooperation pact with the european union. that move has infuriated russia which is warning of searence consequences. it was the refusal of his press assessor to sign such a deal that led to his eventual overthrow. >> well the big apple is now safe for the big gulp. why can't you make hard choices in china. the grapevine is next. the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand.
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now, some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. when it comes to hillary clinton's new book, there are no hard choices in china. that's because the chinese are refusing to sell it. the u.s. publisher tells buzz feed. >> the fan comes from fearing the wrath from the chinese government is a pretty clear indication of the low level of int
3:31 pm
intellectual freedom right now. now, a friday follow. the likely end of the line for the new york city soda ban. the state's highest court refused to reenstate the prohibition on big soft drinks finding quote, the board of health engaged in-law making beyond its regulatory authority. critics the ban call the decision a win for individual freedom of choice but city officials say the loss does not change the danger of sodas, including obesity and diabetedi. finally republican congressional candidate timothy murray has issued a 43s release saying he will contest the results of tuesday's primary election in oklahoma, why? he insists his opponent is a fake, quote, it is widely known frank d. lucas is noning longlo. lucas has served in the house since 1994 and won tuesday's
3:32 pm
primary with 83% of the vote. c confirms to fox news lucas is very much alive. >> a lot of people may have some serious walking back to do tonight in the case of wisconsin's republican governor. scott walker was recently alleged to be at the center of some pretty nasty business. now correspondent mike tobin explains the facts don't bare that out. >> reporter: last week, the headlines came rapid fire. governor walker certainty of a criminal scheme. governor walker suspects of coordinating with outside groups. wisconsin ghoofrn scott walker is considered to be at the sent of a scheme to violate election laws. in the release, was a request for more documents to see if there was illegal coordination
3:33 pm
with conservative groups. it included the phrase criminal scheme and the name of governor walker. liberal pundits concluded they had their smoking gun. >> we have governor walker at the center of what prosecutors say a scheme of political fund-raising. however a lawyer representing the prosecutor that led the investigation issued a statement that governor walker and illegal coordination is overstated at best. it is wrong for my person to point to this sentence in a legal argument as a finding by the special prosecutor that governor walker was engaged in a criminal extrescheme. >> we felt it was pretty clear that two judges had made it clear that they found that what basically supported our opinion in terms of this case. now you got the special prosecutor's attorney further setting the record straight. >> the campaign for walker's democratic opponent hustled up a
3:34 pm
campaign led. >> claim the governor led a criminal scheme that broke election law. >> and despite the special prosecutor, the campaign is prefusing to take the add down. >> it did not try when the special prosecutor distanced him from a criminal investigation. a website wrote that governor walker is desperate and trying to spin his way out of trouble. the reality is in a hyperpartisan environment like wisconsin u you don't need facts to make your argument, you just need to make one. chris back to you. >> mike, thank you. yes, this really happened. earlier this month, a pilot of a marine jet was forced to land in a stool like device because his nose gear would not deploy. he set the plane down very gently as you can see on what turned out to be the right tool for the job. he says he could not even see the stool as he descended. well, president obama wants a
3:35 pm
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we got to pay attention to the threats that are emanating from the chaos in the middle east although i want to be very clear we're not sending combat
3:39 pm
troops into iraq. >> president obama defending his decision to start a more robust program to back the moderate rebels in syria. let's bring in our panel. steve hays of the weekly standard. amy stodderd from the hill and car charles. they have finally asked for $500 million to train the rebels. first they have to vet to make sure they have the good rebels, not the bad rebels. they have to find a place for this to happen. some officials say this might not start until next year. >> this is the kind of aid that could have a real impact had it taken place months ago when you have a free syrian army that was largely secular and taking on the regime. what happened was they turned to
3:40 pm
jihadists to help fight the rej ee eem. regime. rather than having a cluster of jihadists joining a group of free syrian army fighters you have isis taking massive swaths of territory in clothe sesyria . it may be able to distinguish between the good and bad guys because that's because there's so many more jihadists with so much more power. with the exception of a few hawks, both republicans and democrats have not been eager to get more involved in iraq and syria. what do you think are the chances that they are going to support this president's program at this point to start arming the syrian rebels? >> you are right there's much disagreement about that and the levels of which we could get in and help them at this point whether or not it would be affective. i think some help will be
3:41 pm
approved. it's still going to be a big battle about skpes ipecifics. just four weeks ago when he announced the creation of this military program it was reported that the secretary of defense chug hak el had begel was concee a way to vet the moderate opposition and whether there was enough of them or enough time remaining. i think a lot of members of congress feel that way. >> you know charles, there is years. about 150,000 civilian deaths too late in terms of the syrian civil war, what kind of program like this do now? what can it accomplish both in terms of fighting assad and also fighting the radical rebels, isis? >> well, probably nothing. but it's worth a try because it's all we have. it's a three sided war as steve says. we had a tremendous opportunity a year and a half, two years ago to make a difference in the war before the influx of help by
3:42 pm
hezbollah, by russia and iran turned the side for assad who was reeling. remember there was the bombing in his own security counsel in baghdad, there were stories that he had evacuated the family. that was the moment to strike and the jihadists were much weaker. however, better to try now. the reason is whatever the outcome is, if these guys are around, if there's any secularists left, we want them to be our friends. the idea of waiting until next year is insane. there will be nothing left by next year. it will be ruling the rubble. the idea of doing it in jordan is probably the worst idea of all. jordan is the one island of stability already inendated with refugees from iraq and syria. the last thing you want to do is add to the instability and make it a target. do it in turkey, eastern europe,
3:43 pm
do it anywhere but i think jordan is the last place you want to jeopardize. that's the one gem in the region. we got to hang onto it. >> steve, one of the questions is whether or not these rebels are going to go after assad as was their original intention will they go after isis. do we know in fact that the moderate rebels will go after the more radical rebels? >> not necessarily. i would expect that they use much of the aid to go after the assad regime. this is part of the problem. this is why it's such a cautionary trail for hard core noninterventionalists. what we might have been able to achieve -- this will always be messy and risky. what we might have been able to achieve with small scale limited intervention in early and critical time frame is now just a mess. this this is a disaster over there. the amount of u.s. aid, the amount of u.s. engagement that this will take to really turn things around is almost
3:44 pm
incalculable. it's not just syria at this point. the president is now talking about aid to syria. this is not just the syria problem. this is a regional problem. we're talking about iraq, isis moving toward baghdad in a way that resembles in what we saw with the strike we saw in 2004 through 2007 where we had 150,000 u.s. troops, a huge diplomatic presence to turn this around. >> meanwhile, iraq's most influential cleric made a big announcement today. he called on the government to come up with a new prime minister before the parliament meets next tuesday which would seem to under cut the sitting prime minister maliki. your thoughts about that, charles? >> well, he's probably the most important event in the idea and in the attempt to change the government. it has to be changed. with maliki, it can only be a sectarian war. supporting the maliki government
3:45 pm
will end up being supporting an iranian client. iran is already in there with its reconnaissance with all of its intelligence agents. the only way out of this and everybody says it's so complicated. there's one truth in this. we were losing the war in iraq when the sunni tribes were against us. we won the war in iraq when petraeus changed the allegiance of the tribes. the allegiance has changed because of the tribes once again supported them because of the intolerance and the persecution of maliki. we have to see the government change to get an inclusive one so that this is owe our only hope for rescuing this so that we can once again remain the support of the tribes which is do-able. there have already been conflicts between the tribetrib and isis. we have to exploit that and win
3:46 pm
that back. that's how petraeus did it. that's the only way this will succeed this time around. next up, the friday lightning round. we're moving our company to new york state. the numbers are impressive. over 400,000 new private sector jobs... making new york state number two in the nation in new private sector job creation... with 10 regional development strategies to fit your business needs. and now it's even better because they've introduced startup new york... with the state creating dozens of tax-free zones where businesses pay no taxes for ten years. become the next business to discover the new new york. [ male announcer ] see if your business qualifies.
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look at the big picture here. he's not sipping mango juice anymore in benghazi. he's on his way to court. that's what is really important here. >> pentagon spokesman admiral john kirby defending the way the obama administration is handling benghazi terror suspect. we're back now for the friday lightning round. so word is that he -- the a prime suspect in the benghazi territory attack is in a u.s.
3:50 pm
ship and will be back in the u.s. within days, possibly over the weekend. when he was seized and detained on that ship, there was a thought there was going to be a low boat back to the u.s. and our intel officials would have o interrogate him. weeks.turns out it's going surprised? >> yeah. i'm a little surprised. on the other hand, this is the administration that interrogated the christmas day bomber for 50 minutes and said that they had gotten everything that was possible to get out of him. look. they should take this ship around both of the americas if they need to to get more information out of khatallah. he was a mid to mid senior level person in this attack. there are other people that wield like to talk to much more than him. but i think he probably still has valuable intelligence. we should try to get it from him before we send him to the courts. >> a.b.? >> well, he, you know, this apprehension is being criticized as low hanging fruit. he could have been picked up a long time ago and that's true. i kind of agree better late
3:51 pm
than never. better in custody than free. perhaps they feel they have what they need. but it's time to go after the other ones and be overall more vigilant in libya as a whole. >> charles? >> i'm with steve, i would take him twice around cape horn. especially this time of year. it's little bit bumpy. he should be docking not in new york, but in gitmo. the idea is not that he is not sipping the mango juice. the idea is that he knows people and we should be learning who he knows and what these guys are up to. >> with all of the excitement about team u.s.a. and the world cup and the fact that a week from today, next friday is the 4th of july, does the sobers new poll out from the pew research center which we reported on earlier it finds that 44% of those surveyed don't often feel proud to be american and only 28% say that america is the greatest nation on earth. steve, your reaction? >> count me in the 28%. i believe he that before and
3:52 pm
i believe it today. i think there is a strong correlation between these results and how people feel about the direction of the country. people are deeply pessimistic about the direction of the country and what america means. talk to people across the country again and again and again i feel like we are losing our country. >> your reaction to the poll and what you think it's all about a.b.? >> i'm really surprised at that low number 28. it is the greatest country on earth and there is no argument. i think the question of pride is difficult. many americans are concerned that the country is in decline and so they don't feel as proud as they once did. but the idea that only 28% would say it's it the greatest nation on earth seems terribly low and it's disheartening. >> i think it's a reflection of the presidency. of what comes out of the oval office and the white house. the majority of those who don't have the sense of american specialism or superiority or liberals, democrats and i think they take their cue from a president who when asked
3:53 pm
about american exceptionism once said well, yes, the greeks have a sense of exceptionism and brits and us. if everybody is exceptional. nobody is. >> finally, winners and losers of the week. steve? >> my winner is representative tammy duckworth a democrat who was the only democrat during the irs hearings earlier this week who ask serious thoughtful and substantive questions of irs chief john koskinen. he didn't answer her questions didn't answer any questions. he contradicted himselves more times than i could count. >> he said they may have news about the emails sometime next week. do you believe it? >> sure we have him up to ask more questions and he will dodge those questions, too. >> not a qualified. >> -- >> -- he could the loser next week and the loser after that. >> a.b., winners and losers of the week. >> my windsor burkhardt has moved his fingers and hands from a brain implant.
3:54 pm
traps mits brain signals through muscles to a chip. developed by researchers at ohio state university. it's incredible news. >> a great winner for him and a lot of other people. loser? >> my loser is the miss america pageant. a scoring last week. florida pageant crowned the wrong winner and they had to name a new one. miss delaware lost her title. she found out when they named the new miss delaware she lost it because she is 24. they changed the rules in the middle of the game. you are allowed to be 24 at the time of the miss america pageant in september. she turns 25 in october so she is an old bag and they told her after going through the entire thing she has lost her title and her scholarships and as a 24-year-old myself, i'm really just outraged by the whole thing. >> my loser. >> we 24-year-olds have to stick together. >> charles? >> my loser is soccer player luissware.
3:55 pm
third time he bit opponent. this time he dined italian. good taste in food but bad man members. >> manners. >> winner suit bringing against obama for trampling on the constitution. vindicated in part by the 9 to 0 supreme court decision on obama's exertion of power over recess appointments. >> you shouldn't have made the dined italian joke that cost you time. stay tuned to see surprising places queen elizabeth has been visiting lately. none of them italian. of the mercedes-benz you've always wanted. ♪ but you better get here fast... [ daughter ] yay, daddy's here! here you go, honey. thank you. [ male announcer ] ...because a good thing like this... phew! [ male announcer ] ...won't last forever.
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these could be signs of rare but serious side effects. are you down with crestor!? ask your doctor if crestor could help you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. finally tonight queen elizabeth makes all sorts of appearances. visited a tv series where she must have seemed right at home. sometimes they seem a little less appropriate. >> as part of the three day visit to northern ireland she took a tour of game of threatens to filming. it was first visit to the television program since 2011 when she attended a taping of let's make a deal. >> and she didn't get called on. that's "special report" for tonight. i'm chris wallace in washington. please join me this weekend for "fox news sunday." we'll discuss charges president obama is abusing his executive authority with two house leaders and we will track the latest on
4:00 pm
iraq with former cia director michael hayden. that's this "fox news sunday." "on the record" with greta van susteren is next. phoney, is that what you think. that's what president obama called it. tonight a special one hour investigation into the irs scandal. >> scandal at the irs. >> are you or are you not committee all of lois lerner's emails? >> yes we will do that. >> not true. they say lois lerner's hard drive crashed. when did he know? when did he tell congress it happened. lead investigator going "on the record." and he just did it again. >> phony scandals. >> phony scandal? really? congresswoman michele bachmann is outraged and ready to respond. plus, they are the ones